He ain't heavy, he's my brother

きょうは 朝からこの曲が頭に浮かんでしょうがないんです。♪ヒエイン ヘビー、ヒズマイブラダーア♪ 孤児の兄弟。足の悪い弟を背負う兄が、誰かに、重いだろう?と訊かれて『 重くなんかねえや、オレの弟だ』と言っている姿が眼に浮かぶセリフです。

1969年ホーリーズのヒット曲。私が日本を離れる二年前の曲か --もっと前だったような気がするけど。

The road is long, with many of winding turns
That lead us to who knows where, who knows where
But I'm strong, strong enough to carry him
He ain't heavy - he's my brother

So long we go, his welfare is my concern
no burden is he to bear, we'll get there
But I know he would not encumber me
He ain't heavy - he's my brother

If I'm leaving at all, I'm leaving with sadness
that everyone's heart isn't filled with the gladness
of love for one another.

It's a long, long road, from which there is no return
While we're on the way to there, why not share?
And the long doesn't way me down at all
He ain't heavy - he's my brother